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Fun stuff


Fun Stuff Worksheet No. 1

Colouring, riddles, books coming to life and mysterious gifts; have fun dipping into the magical world of Archie Greene and the Magician’s Secret. Download each of the six sections individually, as listed below (starting with Revolting Recipes),or download the full Fun Stuff Worksheet No. 1 here.


Fun Stuff Worksheet No. 2

Explore Archie’s world a bit further, learning how it coincides with historical events, famous people and exotic places.

Download Fun Stuff Worksheet No. 2


1. Revolting Recipes

“Sardines. That was the mystery ingredient in Loretta Foxe’s chocolate cake, and both her children knew it …”


Revolting Recipes

Download Revolting Recipes worksheet


2. A Surprise Package

“‘What is it, Archie?’ Gran asked. ‘It’s a book,’ he mumbled. ‘An old book.'”


A Surprise Package

Download A Surprise Package worksheet


3. The Magical Popper

“There was a loud popping sound behind him, followed by the whinnying of a horse …”


The Magical Popper

Download The Magical Popper worksheet


4. The Drawing Book

“Too late Archie realised what sort of book the Book of Yore was – a drawing book! There was a rushing sound in his ears like wind, and Archie was sucked into the pages.”


The Drawing Book

Download The Drawing Book worksheet


5. Magic Spills

“Suddenly, a huge grey wolf leaped from the book, snarling and drooling …”


Magic Spills

Download the Magic Spills worksheet


6. The Bookend Beast

“With a sound like stone grinding on stone, the beast turned its head and held Archie with its gaze …”


The Bookend Beast

Download The Bookend Beast worksheet