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“There was not one boring page, there were twists and turns and cliffhangers that kept me hanging on.”

“I do enjoy books about magic and wizardry and I am a big fan of Harry Potter, but don’t think for a minute they are the same. This book really keeps on the edge of my seat and I REALLY did not want to put it down.

Read it as soon as you can!”

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The Guardian

“A cracking tale of magic and mayhem.”

The Times

“Full of adventure, clever wit and fast action.”

We Love This Book

“Fast-paced tale full of mystery and excitement.”

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Publisher’s Weekly

“This is page-turning fantasy of the highest quality. A fast-paced plot and enjoyable characters …”

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Kids’ Book Review

“Archie Greene and the Alchemist’s Curse is a great sequel. In fact, this is developing into a fantastic series!”

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Kids’ Book Review

“As expected, I just fell in love with Archie Greene. It does have such a classic feel … it really made me think of E. Nesbit!”

Harper Collins, US

“We love this title so much … it’s a wonderful story.”

Bayard, France

“We are all over the moon about having D.D. Everest and Archie Greene on our list … All my colleagues fell in love with Archie immediately.”

Loewe, Germany

“It’s very unusual for us to make an offer based on a partial manuscript. I have never done this before. But the writing is so good (as is the tone of voice) … It’s as if reading a classic story.”

Querido, Netherlands

Yes yes yes! I read the first book to my daughter who LOVED it and then we discovered this one – book number two and it didn’t disappoint at all. It’s a really good alternative to Harry Potter if you have run out of Potter books. The plots are complex and intriguing and you have to concentrate, as the world Everest has created, has its own rules and language. I would urge you to read these in order – this is the second one. There is now also a third one – hooray. Mr Everest could we please have a fourth one, or is that being greedy?

Have been busy recommending these books to my Year 5 class. I’d say these would be suitable for 8yrs (possibly to be read to) up to 14yrs. Having said that I really enjoyed it too and it was a very long time ago that I was 14!

Bexy, Amazon review

It’s the last week on what I can honestly say is one of the best children’s books I have read for a long time! Reading rabbits have thoroughly enjoyed it too!

Becky and Gemma, Reading Rabbits

My 10 years old son has read all the books. The last one didn’t take long time and it was the best, so I was told. For how long we have to wait the next book?

Tiina, from Finland

The children in my school, North Molton Devon LOVE your books too.

Bridget, North Molton Primary School

Ich finde das Buch einfach traumhaft schön. Mach weiter so super. (“I think the book is simply gorgeous. Keep up the good work” – with thanks to Google translation – D.D. Everest)

Bernhard, Germany

Indie in Oz apparently loving the book and hasn’t put it down.

Archie Greene down under








Indie, in Australia

Dear DD Everest

I really love your Archie Greene books and I was wondering whether you will be writing any more? If you are, when will they be released?

Charlie, from Australia

***** 5 stars

“This was a world full of magic. My favourite character was the greeders and my favourite part was when the greeders stole the books. This book was unique.”


Ava, Reading Rabbits

***** 5 stars

“This book was brain twisting. It was about Archie going into a magic book. My favourite part was when Archie got a special hot chocolate.”


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Remaya, Reading Rabbits

“Une saga très captivante pour adulte et enfants.”

Sabrina, from France

“Joshua wanted to tell you that he has enjoyed the series immensely and  wants to say thank you for writing three exciting books that were fantastic to read with great stories and full of imagination.
Joshua would also like to know when he should start asking the bookshops for other books of yours!   Sorry, he’s an avid reader, and once he finds an author he likes, he loves to read their books.  He’s still to young to have an email address, so I get to be his scribe.”

Amanda, on behalf of Joshua

“To Des Everest

Thank you for visiting our school. It was good to meet you. Thank you for my signed book – I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. My favourite part was when they got the flare wolf. The Bookend Beast was cool!”

Josh, Highgate Primary School

“Dear Des Everest

I am writing to tell you we have recently been reading your book Archie Greene and the Magician’s Secret. We have really enjoyed it! Soon you will receive a piece of work from us, we are a club called Reading Rabbits and we read books and do activities. I hope you like our work. We also loved your book. It is full of wonderful ideas.”

(Click here to view their amazing work – D.D. Everest)

Morgan, Reading Rabbits Club

“This book just makes me a bit too eager and gets me into trouble when when I beg mum to read more but she ends up shouting “Get into bed!'”


Alexander, Reading Rabbits Club

“I really like the Archie Green books. They are one of the best books I have ever read.

I would be very happy, if there will be a fourth.

Maybe there will be an Archie Green Film in the future?

My favourite  Archie book is the 3rd one because it was the most exciting one for me.”

(Here is a taster of Archie on the big screen! – D.D. Everest)

Archie Greene film movie trailer

Archie Greene and the Alchemist’s curse – trailer


Mara (age 12), from Germany

“Thanks for giving my son the desire to read! (He is already waiting for your next book.)”

Ben, from France

“I enjoyed meeting you, I like Archie Greene a lot. It was nice to talk to you and find out more about Archie and how you created him. Your book is nice and easy to read my mind disappears off to Archie’s world and I get excited to know what is going to happen next.

I also enjoyed your story of how your cat walking home with your children that you told me.

Your office is very nice in particularly your plan board that helps you pull all your ideas together.”

Arthur (age 7)

“My son (8 years old) has read your (translated in Dutch) book; archie greene and the magician’s secret. He likes it very much.

Now he is making a bookreport for school about this book. So we are reading the book again and trying to get and find all the names en details right 🙂 …

… And my question is; is there some material/pictures/…… available he can use for his report for school?

We hope someone can/will help us :).

Thank you very much 🙂

Greetings from his mother.”

(see for some pictures and materials but please do contact me again if you need some more – D.D. Everest)

Ivor’s mother

“I have already read all parts of Archie Greene and am a gigantic fan of the books.”

Emily, from Germany

“We love these books for family reading time! Thanks!”

Errin, via website

“From coastal regional Australia:

‘This is one of the best series of books I have ever read’ – directly quoted from my 9 year old son, coincidentally named, Archie! He is a massive reader, so I just thought you should know because coming from him that is quite the compliment.”

Rebecca (mother), by email

“The children all LOVE Archie and have created some pictures as we have gone through the second book …

… they are looking forward to book number three!  Is it definitely the last one?  They wanted me to ask if they were being made into films.  I think the mark of a good book is that you can picture it in your head as if it were a film.  Archie definitely falls into that category!  We can just imagine the scene in Quills with the door ray and the box seats and motion potions!

I am always recommending the books to groups on FaceBook!”

Lesley (mother), by email

“This is an amazing book about a boy who has just turned 12. One day he receives a book in the post with a set of special instructions.

He has to travel to Oxford where he discovers the magical side of his family he never knew he had. I loved this book as it was packed with magic and it was never boring. I rate this book 10 out of 10 and I am sure everyone else would too.

The language is quite simple but some of the magical creatures names are hard to pronounce. I would highly recommend this book to both boys and girls – especially those who enjoyed ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Charlie Bone’ books. I think children aged 7 – 10 would enjoy reading this book. I am looking forward to reading more adventures about Archie Green.”

Alice (age 9), Lovereading4kids.

“This book sent tingles of excitement and wonder down my spine. It was intense and thrilling…I couldn’t stop reading! One of the best books I have ever read.

A magical story full of magical creatures, mysteries and adventures. I loved it!”

Evie (age 9), Lovereading4kids

“This is a book about a boy called Archie Greene who is the first book whisperer (someone who speaks to books) in 400 years. I enjoyed this book, it is exciting.”

Ethan (age 9), Lovereading4kids

Archie Green and the Magician’s Secret is a great book. It reminds me of Harry Potter.”

Alina (age 9), Lovereading4kids

“I live in Oxford and I wish that I could visit the Museum of Magical Miscellany. I hope that this is the start of a series of books as I would like to read more about Archie Greene and his cousins.”

Isobel (age 8), Lovereading4kids

“A fantastic, fantasy adventure set in an amazing magical world. I can’t wait to discover more of it!”

Sam (age 10), Lovereading4kids

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Archie’s adventures make it onto the big screen. I loved it!”

Jake (age 10), Lovereading4kids

“It kept me guessing and I wanted to keep reading it – 10/10.”

William (age 10), Lovereading4kids

“A book about magical flying books! I loved this book, such a great idea for a story. Archie is a 12 year old boy with different coloured eyes, and when he uncovers a family secret his adventures begin. Young ‘Harry Potter’ fans would love this book.”

Matilda (age 8), Lovereading4kids

“This was an amazing book about a boy who has just turned 12.  One day he receives a book in the post with a set of special instructions.”

Evie (age 10), Lovereading4kids

“A book full of potions, magic spells, enchanted bookshelves, action and adventure. I couldn’t put it down. One of the best books I have read recently. Fantastic!”

Tomasz (age 9), Lovereading4kids.

Super livre 5/5

“I picked this book (Archie Greene and the Magician’s Secret) out at random but it is now one of my favourite books!”

Ayane, from France


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